ELAH has been built ground up by experts with decades of People Supply Chain experience. ELAH is a comprehensive platform that covers key aspects of people supply chain spanning sales, demand aggregation, supply accuracy, fulfillment, allocation and billing, talent acquition, supply planning and more...

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ELAH is higly configurable and can meet most of your needs with flexible configurations. This ensures you have a process that aligns closely with your needs. Roles, Access Controls, Workflows, Communications, Business rules can be easily configured so you get the best out of ELAH.

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ELAH is built on the most robust stack of technologies. ELAH is a cloud hosted platform and can scale to meet the organizations need for storage, compute and bandwidth easily.

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ELAH is Intuitive to define actions, priorities, trap exceptions and slippages ahead of time saving you cost. ELAH ensures that each of the users / roles is able to collaborate with others as well as use the platform as the single source of truth.

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A comprehensive People Supply Chain Platform

Covers all functions of your organization that impact / contribute to running a smooth People Supply Chain process

Revenue Planning

Define quarterly revenue targets at organization level broken down by geographies, business units, service lines. See how your revenue plans stack against your actuals. Drill down to Business Units, Verticals & Accounts to see where you need to focus.

Sales & Forecasting

Enable your sales force with a robust sales processing and tracking module so they have all the informtion to close deals faster. Track your sales pipeline across geographies, business units, service lines, accounts so you can plan downstream activities well.


Your customers and orders flow seamlessly from your sales pipleine once a win is declared so your delivery teams can work with finance to setup the budget for the projects. This can be desinged to align with the margins you expect. Use the budget to control both resourse & other expenses on the project.

Customers & Orders

Delivery teams are empowered to create projects and demand with SKUs that flow into the operations module so the operations teams can plan fulfillent. Let your delivery plan fulfillment even for unconfirmed orders so operations teams get enough lead time to plan supply.

Demand Aggregation

Get a single view of your demand to see where you need to focus on. Empower Managemnt, Sales, Delvery, Operations, Finance, Recruitment with the information they can see to get a view of how much demand they have and where they need to focus on. Drill down from company level down to the most granular level of position level.


Enable your operations teams to plan fulfillment with exsting supply, planned rleases & external supply. Allocate resources to open demand so everyone else that needs to see the plan can view online. Define configurable business rules that need to pass when operations plans fulfillment.

Supply Management

Enable self-service for employees so they can update their skills, experince, preferences with the right approval flows so you have the latest updated information you can use to plan fulfillment. Intelligent algorithms point out possible outdated or incorrect information so you can take actions to fix them.


Enable your recruiters with a rich module to track the recruitment activities of all hiring and contracting needs flagged by operations. ELAH plans to onboard supply partners so your teams can process these options for fitment.


Empower your organization with the right insights that individual roles need so they can take the right decisions. ELAH is Intuitive to point out priorities that align with topline and bottomline so one can focus on issues that require focus.

Configure ELAH To Map your Organization

All functions have hierarchical roles from CXO down to managers and leads and you can define which level is allowed to perform what function.


ELAH is designed in a modular fashion so you can decide functions / modules you wish to use. Define roles across your organization covering CXO, Managment, Sales, Delivery, Operations, Finance, Recruitment, HR. Setting up multiple level within a role is a breeze. Control what each level can create, update, delete, manage transactions. Configure business rules, Approvals flows just the way you need so you have control on how transactions flow across the organization. If you wish to continue using an existing system for a specific fucntion, push / pull needed information using simple API calls to ELAH.


ELAH Scales to your needs

Cloud Based SaaS solution that can scale your needs for performance, capacity & availability

Cloud Eco-System

ELAH is hosted on cloud and available frmom anywhere at anytime. The future vision of ELAH is to provide you with an ecosystem of partners and individuals who can become your extended ecosystem that you can leverage and benefit. The relations and partnerships are controlled by you and you can configure how you colloborate with this ecosystem.


Secure SaaS

ELAH is built on secure technologies that allow high levels of security for your data. Your browser events, the application server orchestration and the database storage are designed and orchestrated with utmost care so your data has minimal exposure to data losses. ELAH is offered as a SaaS so you do not have to invest in hardware, software or people to run the application. ELAH has a clear road map and will continue to evolve with new capabilities that you can benefit from. Application maintenance is done during planned down times that will be notified in advance.

Intuitive every step of the way

Derive decisive actions based on intuitive algorithms, insights and heuristic predictions to prioritize actions.


Every user role on logon has a dashboard that has an Intuitive representation of information that needs focus / attention. The information is represented using very simple engaging widgets that highlight what is going well and what is not and what the user needs to focus on.


Detail reports are built for each user role so the user can dive into the details and act on things that need work. These reports can be downloaded into excel with the click of a button. The reports are designed with information that is comprehensive to act on.

Intuitive Algorithms

ELAH has been designed with Intuitive algoritms in the areas of forecast, demand, supply & recruitment knowing well that the data will never be accurate all the time. These alogiritms look for related information and highlight data that needs fixing or updates. This ensures that data is fixed so you can take the right decisions.

Heuristic Predictions

ELAH can look at your past forecast, demand, supply & recruitment data and predict what these will look like in the future. This is a key advantage for your business as you get lead times to plan things. Often lead times is a challenge and this comes with a huge cost in fulfillment as well as results in revenue loss due to delays.